Web Site Design

Whether you are starting a new company or looking for a refresh, let Cat's Eye Design create a new look for your website. All of our designs are custom tailored to you...no cookie cutter templates. Cat's Eye Design also provides the full lifecyle service, from concept to site development to maintenance. A seamless flow from design to done.

Cat's Eye Design approaches each website with the knowledge and experience gained from all the websites before, but we know that not every one is the same. Once you contact Cat's Eye Design, we will capture all of your requirements and then provide a cost estimate.

A general website design and development lifecycle is as follows:

  • Cat's Eye Design provides you with a cost estimate based on your requirements
  • Once accepted and a contract is signed, Cat's Eye Design will provide you with 1 or 2 (depending on the agreement) graphic mockup(s) of the site design(s).
  • When the final design is approved, the web site template is set up and full site development can begin.
  • During development, the site is tested in all the major browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE, and Chrome) as well as functionality on tablets and mobile devices.
  • After site deployment, site maintenance can be performed on an as needed basis. The site can also be set up for the client to maintain it themselves.

Cat's Eye Design is knowledgable in the following areas:

  • HTML (including HTML5)
  • CSS (including CSS3)
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • MODX
  • WordPress

Don't forget the logo! A logo represents a snapshot of what you want your business to convey to the world. Logos are used not only on websites, but all of your print media.

Take a look at the websites completed by Cat's Eye Design then contact us about your web site project.