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With over 25 years of web and graphic design experience, Bethany Sikaras (owner and creative director) has been the driving force of Cat's Eye Design since 2005.

Prior to Cat's Eye Design, Bethany was a Senior Publisher at Brainbench, Inc. where she provided design, development, project estimates, and quality assurance for the Brainbench web site and multiple co-branded customer sites. She worked closely with Java developers and Product Managers in the design and development of software and co-developed the Publishing Standards Guide for internal and external partners providing content for the Brainbench site.

Before joining Brainbench, Bethany worked for Electronic Data Systems, Inc., first in the Editing and Graphics Center, where she provided design and layout of business graphics and documentation. She also participated in a Document Process Improvement (DPI) working group providing direction to the EDS D/SIDDOMS teams in implementing document development processes that are defined and repeatable.

She also served as a Quality Assurance Analyst for the World Wide Web team, part of the Integrated Infrastructure Services under the EDS D/SIDDOMS contract. Customers included the Department of Veterans Affairs, Patient Administration and Biostatistics Activity, Health and Human Services, and the Department of Defense. She lead the production team as well as served as the point of contact to the TRICARE Management Activity Web content coordinator for the Military Health System web site, coordinating all documentation that was published on the Web and ensuring that all pages were coded for accessibility. She also trained military personnel in HTML coding and development of Web pages at several Naval hospitals throughout the country.

Before EDS, Bethany began her design career at the Corporate Response Group as a Graphic Designer. She created all slide presentations, graphic representations in reports and proposals for the company, and materials for a five-day crisis management training course taught to senior foreign officials through the U.S. Department of State.

Bethany graduated from Allegheny College with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts.

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